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The rediscovery of craftsmanship in the production of beer is one of the keys of the food and wine evolution in the recent years. Beers with a great personality and character have been able to get into the food habits and tastes of the most demanding enthusiasts, thanks to the sophistication with which they are produced. UVABIANCA is proud to present its customers some of the most popular craft beers on the market today, each of them classified in a special feature, a characteristic, innovating while respecting the tradition.












In a building dating back to 1870, the surrounding Pescara hills, is making a beer starordinary. The creators are Jurij Ferri and Valeria Saraceni.

It has a bright white color with green reflections; this made possible thanks to the perfect fusion of ingredients during the mashing. The only beer with salt in the world produced is a perfect companion.

Double malt, triple fermentation in the bottle, with the degree of bitterness and its natural effervescence lends itself to being combined with important flavors.