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The olive oil is one of the oldest foods in the gastonomical culture. The connection man / Olive oil is a bond over 7000 years old, as well as the culture of its production has now reached its highest expression of quality. Italian extra virgin olive oils are the best of the entire world production, reaching quality levels simply not achievable in other countries, thanks to the enormous heritage of production plants in Italy that can boast. Like every product of the land, growing conditions of the plant, determine the macroscopic differences in taste depending on the place of production. Just as the oil vinom today expresses a cultural rediscovery, and UVABIANCA has chosen to support this rediscovery of the great Italian oils selecting, from us, for you, in constant search of products of great quality characteristics.








URSINI is the expression of a superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

From green to bright golden yellow, delicately fruity.

Decanted, centrifuged and separated from natural impurities.

Passion, tradition and love of the land and its products.