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The great tradition of the expression is enclosed into the tins proposed by UVABIANCA. Products which are enclosing the goodness of the products made ​​in the manner of grandmother, with recipes handed down from generation to generation, with annual events that respect the seasonality and the production cycles of the raw materials. With these assumptions, we could not but choose great products, with great goodness, 'genuineness and lightness.







In an elegant bottle magnum size Gennaro ESPOSITO presents fillets unpeeled, collected in Sarno, a small town of Nocera, but famous all over the world for the red gold that is produced in its territory.


The sauces URSINI have their own character, frank, decided, because even thought to live alone, to be enjoyed as a main dish.


We like to think of the way of eating like spicy, imaginative and fun. PIKKADILLY have the ability to make any meal, a time to have fun with this unique crunchiness they have.